Pastoral Care Ministry seeks to serve those who are struggling with trauma recovery, grief, loss, addictions, marriage, identity, depression, loss of job, and transitions. We serve by creating a ministry plan with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to bring freedom and biblical truth.


What is the process for Pastoral Ministry?

  1. Email care@illuminate.church or earnold@illuminate.church to request a questionnaire.

  2. Return completed questionnaire.

  3. Meet with an illuminate pastor or trained volunteer for a ministry appointment.

  4. A ministry plan will be presented with next steps.

Please Note: We are not equipped as a crisis center. If you or your family are in immediate danger (suicidal, domestic violence), please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

We are not a counseling center, but we do offer pastoral ministry and referrals to outside professional, Christian, licensed counselors.

Hospital Visits

Hospital ministry is an area of Pastoral Care where we minister healing, hope, comfort, and encouragement to those in area hospitals and medical facilities. These visits are made by illuminate church pastors, elders and trained illuminate volunteers.

If you or someone you love would like a visit from one of our volunteers, please call us at 321-251-4480.

Deaths & Funeral Planning

Pastoral Care is ready to help when you have a death in your family. We offer:

  • Help securing a pastor and worship team to lead the funeral or memorial service.

  • Grief aftercare through resources such as grief care groups, classes, books, and mentoring.

To let us know about the death of loved one, please call us at 321-251-4480 to speak with one of our illuminate pastors who will listen, pray, and help guide you. Or, request a call from a pastor.

Financial Benevolence

Our financial benevolence is designed to help illuminate members with the most basic needs (food, gas, etc.). We seek to offer short-term assistance with a long-term plan for financial stewardship and personal freedom.

What is the financial benevolence process? 

  1. Contact us to determine eligibility to apply for assistance at care@illuminate.church or 321-251-4480.

  2. If eligible, complete and return a financial questionnaire with supporting documents.

  3. Meet with a member of our ministry team.

  4. Our pastoral team meets to pray and determine how best to meet the need.

  5. A ministry plan will be presented with potential financial assistance.

Upon receipt of a completed financial questionnaire and all supporting documents; this process can take up to two weeks.