As illuminate Men, we seek God first. We’re here to help you discover your strengths as a husband, son, brother, father, businessman, or leader. We recognize that every man has an innate desire to be part of something bigger than himself , develop lasting friendships, and grow closer to the Lord. That’s why we have Men's Summit, Men’s Nights, men’s groups, serving opportunities, and more! We want to empower you to impact your workplace, communities—and most importantly—your families for the kingdom of God.

Whether you’re a college student, a new husband, a single parent, or enjoying the prime of your life, there’s a place for you.

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Promise Principle Groups - men getting together to read the Word and hear from God so they can grow, lead and serve their own lives, their families and illuminate church.

Serve Opportunities

Our goal is to have men serve the church in existing ministries that occur on Sunday and during the week. We also have opportunities on the Men’s Team to assist with events, planning, set up and various needs throughout the year.