Ladies' Lunch is more than good food (but the food is good!)

In 2007, our family geared up for a MAJOR move.

We left the town where we married, had our first 2 children, bought our first home.

We left life long friends that are family and a youth ministry full of students that were our heart for 12 years.

We were being called to a new area, new ministry, and a new church. We knew we weren’t just leaving somewhere, we were being called. But that didn’t make it easy to find new connections. Being on a church staff didn’t guarantee close friendships.

I remember about a year after our move, one of my best friends from the old town called to catch up. I asked her “Do you think it would be too weird if I took out an ad in the newspaper looking for a good friend?” (You see, there were these popular printed pages called a newspaper that many people read daily). My dear friend did confirm that probably wasn’t a good strategy. But, she empathized that it can be and is very hard sometimes to make meaningful connections with other women. What I learned is that for genuine friendship to form, we have to be intentional.

It doesn’t take a big move to show us our need for genuine friendship.

We all long to be KNOWN and NEEDED.

Ladies’ Lunch FALL gathering is this Sunday, Oct 28! In a church our size, it might feel easy to get lost in the crowd. My encouragement to you…Be intentional about real relationships with other women. Come and find a friend or be a friend at Ladies’ Lunch. It’s worth it.

Better Together,

Christine Ingram | Director of Ministry to Women

Christine Ingram