Fighting Media with Media.

Have you ever stared at your computer and pondered just how powerful a weapon that slick piece of technology is truly?  With the same machine, one person could send a document containing the cure for cancer as much as they could also distribute plans for a gruesome act of terror.  This technology is a weapon that could help or harm.  

One avenue of such help or harm comes in the various forms of media being distributed on a daily basis. Statistics show that over 1 BILLION hours of YouTube videos are watched daily and that 400 hours of YouTube content are uploaded every single minute!  WHOA!  That’s a lot of content.  That’s a lot of weapons that could either bring life and joy or pain and corruption.  

Here’s the deal - we are living in a media/content driven era.  To say “I’m going to cut all content and media out of my life, or my kids’ lives” is pretty much a nice gesture but quite unrealistic.  So, instead of trying to quit media altogether, why don’t we just find a vehicle to ingest the best, most helpful, life-giving media?  

Probably would cost a fortune to locate all that great content.  

Probably hard to amass all that content into one place.

Probably not going to happen…

Well - it’s already happened.  Let me introduce you to RightNow Media.  Commonly referred to as the “Netflix” of Christian content, RightNow Media has collected all the best media content for kids, youth, young adults and adults.  And here’s the best part…illuminate church has partnered with RightNow Media to make all of this content available to you FOR FREE.  You read that right.  FREE!  

Ready to fight the wrong media with RightNow Media?  Simply click the button below to begin.  It’s fast and easy and it will fill your screen with good things.  

Life in Jesus,
Pastor Tim

Chad Hall