The Next Generation of Leaders in Ministry to Women


This photo was taken last year at the 2017 Women’s Christmas Coffee. Do you know why I love it? Every single woman in this picture is serving/hosting as a leader at this event and every single one of them is a Young Adult!

I don’t even think I was aware just how many of the hostesses were young adults until someone grabbed me and said “Let’s take a picture!” Looking back, I’m so grateful they did, because I was inspired!

Inspired to step out and use the gifts and resources that God has given me in whatever ways He gives me opportunity!

May we never hold a single child or young person on the sidelines of impacting our community or this world based on their age.

The 2018 Women’s Christmas Coffee is taking place on Dec 4th. The seats went so fast this year showing just how invested and involved the women of our community are and that is EXCITING! If you want to be a part of the event and cannot attend, please feel free to bring gift cards to church in December to Target, Walmart, Publix, and gas stations. You can put them in the giving boxes as often as you like. 100% of the gift cards are given directly to people in our church and in our community with needs. Together we can make a difference.

With anticipation of all that God is going to do in and through us,

Christine Ingram | Director of Ministry to Women

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