Hope for Voting

Dear friends of illuminate church,

Before the 2016 election, I made it a point to help followers of Jesus Christ understand that our vote belongs to our Lord, our King.  As such, I have joyfully yielded my privilege to vote to the Lord's principles as found in the Holy Bible.  But here's the truth - there's a lot of principles in the Scriptures.  How can I know how to vote the Bible?  Who can help me?  Great question!  We can help!  Listed below are some websites that have been found to be helpful.  A few things to note: 

1). I am so grateful for the USA.  As the son and grandson of veterans, the privilege to vote is a huge gift and responsibility.  

2). All that being said, my first allegiance is to the Kingdom that is everlasting, the Kingdom of God.  

3). The resources we listed here are not infallible, and are not comprehensive.  Rather, they serve as a beginning point for you to do your own research, pray, and then vote as God leads you.  

4). Do not let fear or rhetoric guide your vote.  Rather, may the peace of God, which is supernatural, guard your heart.  (Philippians 4)

I am praying for you today as you prepare to vote.  I am praying the Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Amen!

Life in Jesus,





Christian Family Coalition of Florida: www.cfcflorida.net







Melanie Hall