New Life Group launching!

Single parents have got to be some of the most incredible people on the planet! Raising humans is not for the faint of heart! And to be doing that on your own means

  • Fulfilling roles of mom AND dad at times

  • Carrying the financial burden

  • Being the Spiritual leader in your home

  • Morning, evening and every moment in between responsibilities

We know that this can be exhausting and isolating! Good News! There is a new group is specifically for Single Mamas. The vision is for single moms to have a place to connect with other women who are journeying the same road. To support, encourage, challenge, and uplift one another.

Meeting bi-weekly, with accommodations for children so it can be a family connection and blessing, this group is underway. The next group meeting is this Friday, Nov 16th. If you aren’t a single mom yourself, share with someone who is so they can get connected.

Christine Ingram | Director of Ministry to Women

Christine Ingram