How One Night Becomes an Eternity

Can you remember a big decision day in your life?  A decision you knew in your gut, “This will change my life from here on out.”  I’m not talking about which toothbrush to buy or if the brown shoes go better than the blue ones.  I’m talking proposal day.  Contract signing day.  Two-week notice day.  There are those decision days that change all our days.

Jesus had one of those days.  Long before all days.  Jesus decided to come to Earth and redeem all humanity.  I’m not sure I can think of a more prominent decision.  This decision changed every day.  All of the Old Testament and the New Testament refer to this day.  One day a Savior would come, and has now come to unfurl the grace and love of our great God into the souls of all those God loves - into all of us.  That first Holy Night, that First Noel.  One night changed all nights.

Here’s what I believe.  This Christmas Eve can be one such night.  If you would believe with me, I find it most probable that someone, many someones, will have their eternity transformed based on what this one Christmas Eve will mean.  I believe with all my heart that God will be manifest in glory and power this Christmas Eve and run straight into the hearts of those who have yet to know the Messiah as Lord.  Wow, and when that happens every day and night on this earth and beyond this earth will be a day of rejoicing.

Will you join me?  Will you offer prayers according to Isaiah 43:5-7 that all those in our surrounding area who have not experienced the fulness of Jesus in salvation would feel compelled to come, wooed by the Holy Spirit Himself?  And let’s not refrain from doing our part.  Make the invitation of Christ your mission.  Invite.  Inspire.  Include.  Your one moment of courage to invite someone could turn into an eternity of joy for that person.  

I’ve included some social media links you can use to get the word out.  C’mon church family!  Let’s help people find life in Jesus this Christmas!

Merry Christmas,

Tim Ingram 

Lead Pastor | illuminate church

Timothy Ingram