Bullets are flying overhead and occasionally one rips into the dirt just above your head. You can hear the tanks firing in the distance, then you feel the thunder as the concussion of the explosion lands near by and shakes every fiber of your being. It also loosens the dirt and mud surrounding you. The battle is raging on all around you. You are exhausted from fighting, dirty and hungry…

As you read the above paragraph, you may have been thinking a few things. First - this author sure as heck ain’t no Hemingway. So true. Second - you may have been able to put yourself in that foxhole. If you were able to do that, I have a question for you. Was there anybody in that foxhole with you? Were you seeing the foxhole filled with one soldier? Maybe you saw another man in there or a band of brothers in there with you. Either way, you saw it - I have a question and a challenge for you.

Question: Are you going through the battle of life as a man alone? If so, I encourage you to sign up for one of our Promise Principle Groups - jump in the foxhole with some other dudes and start doing life with someone. These groups are intended for you to grow in your faith by sharing God’s Word together. Learn how he speaks in Truth and Commandments to you every time you pick up the Bible. 

Challenge: If you have a foxhole with men in it already, are you looking for the soldier who is alone? Men want to be invited to be a part of something great. If you are in a group, look for the man who is being isolated and ask him to join your group. Life hits hard sometimes and having God as your anchor is the key, but having other men surrounding you to help is also a crucial element.

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Melanie Hall