Slow Down and Fast.

There’s a lot of stuff in us that doesn’t bring life. 

There’s a lot less of God dwelling in us than is available to us.  

If either of those statements are true of you, or possibly both, then raise your hand.  I’m raising mine, too.  Both my hands are up.  Way up.  And here lies the gift of fasting, the why of fasting, the beauty of fasting.  Fasting causes a glorious exchange as we empty out the unnecessary and embrace the life-giving presence of our GREAT, GOOD God.

Fasting has been mistaken for so long as a season of deprivation.  In fact we sometimes seem to honor our courageous effort to go without a certain food, or Facebook, or whatever, and we award ourselves a badge!  I survived this great loss - what a champ!  This line of thinking undermines the power and mystery of fasting.  

The purpose of fasting isn’t what we do without, it’s what happens within.  

Tweet that baby.

When fasting we declutter some portion of our lives SO THAT the void left from that luxury can be filled with the greater portion of God’s truth, God’s love, God’s Spirit.  Fasting is a renovation.  Jesus says the OLD has gone and the NEW has come.  Fasting allows us to embark on a life living in the new things of God, laying down the old.  The victory of fasting isn’t in the deprivation, it is in the habitation of God in our midst.  What a glorious gift God has given us in the discipline of fasting!

Here’s what we are doing:

  1. 21 Day Fast called re:New beginning Monday, January 14th and ending Sunday, February 3rd.

  2. The fast begins and ends with Jesus.  Ask Jesus what you should fast and then obey His lead.  The places you empty or go without are the very places God wants to fill with His grace and peace in your life.  So if you skip a meal, or a TV show, or feel an impulse to look at social media, instead fill that time or that urge with the Lord.

  3. We have set up an entire page to help you on this journey:

  4. Share your story!  Amazing experiences happen during a season of fasting and we need to share those with one another to refresh and encourage one another:

I’m praying for you!  I believe God has told me that that heaven is open in this season.  Ask.  Seek. Knock.  (Matthew 7:7).  Be satisfied in God as you hunger for Him (Matthew 5:6).  Walk by the Spirit and your flesh will obey (Galatians 5:16).

Life in Jesus,


Chad Hall