This number probably makes men think of one of two things or possibly both. Let's be honest and say we think of the movie 300 with King Leonidas and his band of Spartans holding off the Persian Army and King Xerxes first. I love the brotherhood in this movie- the fighting, the battles, the side by side. The Spartans not only held the Persian onslaught off time and time again, they were having major victories. But in the end, they lost.

The other 300 we may have thought about was Gideon in the Bible. He was told to amass an army and fight the Midianites only to have God carve the size of his army down to 300 men. (Makes you wonder if all good ideas come from the Bible?) Gideon, much like King Leonidas, takes his army to stop a force from over running their home land. Brothers in arms, side-by-side the army of Gideon surrounds the enemy camp.

This is where the story of Gideon changes. The army blasts their horns and crack their lanterns open and charge down to the camp below shouting "A sword for the Lord and for Gideon".

(Read the whole encounter in Judges 7.) God was with this 300 and the victory was won. God was with them! Men together with God and the victory was won. Today the victory is ours!

Men, now is the time to gather!

Now is the time to stand as brothers and gather 300, no 500 men to the Men's Summit and see what victories God will win for you, illuminate church and central Florida.

Are you with me?

Register today: https://illuminate.church/summit

Ed Arnold