What is IT? I mean “IF”(Gathering)?

We are 4 weeks away from our first ever IF gathering for women! One question I get more than anything when talking about this event is WHAT IS IT?

Through technology, we are able to simulcast some of the best teachings from the national event and host our very own IF:Gathering.

IF:Gathering is an intentional pause to grow in our faith. It is a place to bring other women so they can hear the Wisdom that comes from the Word of God. It is a connection point for multiple generations of women where we can learn from each other as God designed it!

We need to ask ourselves, where are we getting answers to life’s difficult questions? Where are we turning to figure out how to live what we say we believe in this world?

Right about now, you may be saying something like this..

  • I don’t like talking in groups

  • I don’t connect well with other women

  • I don’t have time

  • I don’t need this

Maybe you feel you don’t need this, but maybe someone there needs you. Maybe someone needs your invitation and your courage to go together. Maybe someone needs to hear that your story is a lot like their own. Maybe someone needs to hear about your victory or your struggle. Maybe you need it more than you know.

I hope you will join us and invite women 9th grade and older to come with you. We have room for 200 women! Come receive what God has prepared for you and those you can influence.

With much love and compassion,

Christine Ingram | Director of Ministry to Women

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