Heaven Come

How long do you think you can step away from technology?

At the end of 2018 Vitamin Water offered $100,000 to an individual asking them not to use a smart phone for a whole year. Suddenly you wonder if you can take that offer or maybe you’re like most that know they can’t step away. Isn’t it crazy how the things that allow for more convenience (make life easier) eventually make us expect more and more convenience.

Let me ask this question. How do we expect Heaven to Come into our lives if we are more concerned about the news, likes on a post, and apps that help us purchase something in one click? Has technology become a silent epidemic in our world?

The way I see it (George), I want to own my property and not have them own me. So many times I find myself lost in my gadgets and not lost in God. That is why this year we are going to take our young adults on a retreat that is 100% technology free. That means as soon as we arrive all technology (phones, smart watches, etc.) will be taken away. Imagine a generation that worked to move back to connecting in relationships 2 feet away and not 2 screens away. You have to disconnect to connect.

To make this happen we have partnered with an organization that will help us learn healthy technology habits and appropriate rest as well as exploring nature and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Currently we have been going through multiple series about prayer. Taking from the goodness of Matthew 6 “The Lords Prayer” we are believing in what God has for us. As the Young Adult community we decided to adopt this for ourselves. Matthew 6:10 says, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. This is not a suggestion, but an act. We want to experience Heaven now! No more distractions, just one focus….Jesus!

Continue to pray or us as we allow God to connect us to His heart and his Church.


We provide a reprieve for those seeking a technology free environment for contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation. Our team is passionate about exploring tangible applications that guide individuals to limit technologies in order to develop their professional perspective, and deepen their personal and spiritual life. join us in engaging in community, exploring creation, enhancing creativity and executing change. we challenge you to hear the whisper of God through the silence we experience when we are free from technology.