Good isn’t the right word…

Good Friday they call it.  Good. For who?

Good for all humanity to have a Savior kind enough and loving enough to endure a criminal’s death.  The torture.  The condemnation.  The jeering.  Jesus withstood it all…for our sake.  That is indeed good.  But does “good” do the gift justice?

Was it good for Jesus?  Was it good for God?  What would the family of an organ donor call the day their family member perished yet through their perishing brought life to others?  Is it a good day?  A good memory?

I feel there is a better word than “good” to describe the day Jesus willfully chose to lay down His life.  

What word quantifies the level of obedience required by Jesus to follow the plan to redeem all humanity?

What word describes the amount of agony Jesus absorbed as a result of His unwavering faithfulness?

What word distinguishes the immeasurable grace and mercy offered by the Lord God in offering His one and only Son?

What word can articulate how the receiving of this gift, by faith, moves the heart of the receiver?

Is there any word, that can comprehensively denote to all the world the magnitude of this heroic, loving act of sacrifice?

Goodbye Good Friday. Hello GREAT Friday.

Small change, major difference. May these words inspire you to worship our Resurrected King with more fervor.  

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