When you’re in the midst of parenting a teenager, especially when you’re right in the middle of some pretty tough stuff, you can’t help but feel isolated sometimes. When we’re walking through difficult things, most of us tend to cut ourselves off from others, rather than reach out. But if parenting your teenager is difficult right now, keep this in mind: Just as you feel the call as a parent to impart all of the knowledge and life lessons to help your child grow into the mature, upstanding adult you want them to be, God (your Heavenly Father) is also doing a work in you to help you grow as well. That’s right: Parenthood is full of growth opportunities for both you and your kid. So change that perspective of yours about parenthood—this journey is about you just as much as it is about your kid. In those moments when you feel most alone and the least understood, ask God what He wants you to learn in that moment to be the best parent you can be for your child. Here’s one tip for doing that well: don’t forget to ask for help. Find your tribe of parents who you can lean on, ask for help or advice, and look to for guidance. No one expects you to intuitively know how to parent a teenager. But, luckily for you, there are so many other people around you, in your community, in your church, and in your family, who have successfully raised teenagers of their own. Even if they weren’t perfect parents, they’ve learned a thing or two from the experience. So identify a few people you can learn from. Then go learn something from them!

Credit: Grow Curriculum

YouthGeorge Dirling