Is Church Production Important?

These days, nearly every church has volunteers, or at least one volunteer, serving in the production (Setup, Tear Down, Audio, Lighting, Video)  area of their Sunday services. Some of these volunteers work with video, others run sound, and many of them run lights. In some churches, one person does all three of these jobs.

No matter the attendance of the church or size of the team, production volunteers are super important.

This job is not about just being a button-pusher. It’s all about helping people experience Jesus by creating excellent, distraction-free environments. You set the stage, both literally and figuratively, for people to hear the most significant message of all time – the Gospel.

I’ve visited many churches and have met many tech teams. Some have had amazing production quality while others have been less than average. What stands out to me is that it’s not always the churches with the most expensive equipment that have the greatest production.

The best church tech teams are not made up of the best gear, but of the highest quality volunteers.

We want our church production to be great and here are nine habits that I’ve seen in the best church production volunteers:

1. They Show Up Early

Many people wait until the last minute to show up for their jobs. Great volunteers show up early and are prepared for the day ahead.

2. They Are Committed To Learning

There is no shortage of educational material on video, lighting, and sound. There are books, podcasts, blogs, and YouTube videos available for little or no cost. Thriving production volunteers are dedicated to becoming proficient in their area.

3. They Work Well With Others

It doesn’t matter how talented you are if other people can’t stand to work with you. Be humble. Be kind. The best volunteers remember that they are only a small part of the body of Christ and depend on the rest for success.

4. They Look For Ways To Improve Their Area

No system is perfect and may require adjustments over time to better serve the church. Great volunteers keep an eye out for ways to improve and research how it can be done effectively and affordably.

5. They Honor The Vision of The House

A church production team that looks great but doesn’t follow the vision of their leaders isn’t great at all. The best production teams commit to following the vision of the pastor and turning his goals into reality. Illuminate operates this why by preparation throughout the week and communication through our leadership.   

6. They Stay Positive

Not every service will be a good, but there is something good in every service. You will run into problems, equipment will fail, and mistakes will happen. That’s okay! Thriving production volunteers learn from their failures and remind others to keep their chin up.

7. They Take Great Care of Equipment

Tech gear shouldn’t be taken for granted. No matter what equipment your church has, God has entrusted it to your care. The best volunteers take the time to treat these resources right and maintain them well.

8. They Are Strong Spiritually

There should be a noticeable difference between a production volunteer in the church and someone working production in the corporate world. The Spirit of God is in you and you are called to do a special work. Thriving volunteers take this calling to heart and come in on Sundays already in tune with God.

9. They Look For Ways To Get Others Involved

I’ve saved the best for last, because it has the potential to make the most impact. The best church production volunteers don’t try to do everything on their own, but strive to get others involved on their team. There is great strength in numbers and God will bless your work when you’re helping people get involved in ministry.

If you would like to get involved we would love to have you. There are opportunities to serve in many areas of production for illuminate. If you would like more information, please contact me at and I would love to get you plugged in.

Landon Perkins

Production Arts Director

Landon Perkins