The Great Walls of Disney

Have you heard about the craze that has swept the Disney nation?! Turns out Guests aren’t just heading to Walt Disney World to ride Space Mountain or eat an iconic Mickey bar (yum!). Instagrammers and Disney fans alike have all gravitated toward taking their photos in front of walls around the park. These walls have become so popular that Disney has even begun creating merchandise for these walls, and many of them even have their own Instagram accounts. 

Want to join in on the fun? I’m going to share my favorite Disney walls with you so you can take your own fabulous photos during your next visit!

Magic Kingdom

1. #ThePurpleWall

The Purple Wall is the wall that started it all! When you enter Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Park, you will find The Purple Wall right across the bridge on the right-hand side. The Purple Wall has inspired everything from delicious drinks to magical merchandise. Its popularity has grown so much that Disney even redesigned part of the wall, creating the Galactic Purple Wall. 

Bonus: This wall is covered so it’s always a great shady place to hang out and take a photo. 

2. #CarouselofProgressWall

Also in Tomorrowland, the Carousel of Progress Wall creates an awesome selfie backdrop. This wall can be found in the queue for the Carousel of Progress attraction and features bright colors and designs. 

Bonus: This wall changes as the Carousel of Progress attraction rotates, so you can get many different color backdrops all in the same location!

3. #NeverlandWall

While not as well known, I call this one of the hidden gems - ahem - walls of the Magic Kingdom. The Neverland Wall is attached to the Peter Pan‘s flight queue and features a beautiful painted map of Neverland. 

Bonus: You may even find Peter Pan causing trouble around this location making it a great place for a meet and greet!


4. #BubblegumWall

We’ve made it to my favorite wall of Walt Disney World - the Bubblegum Wall! Located at the exit of the Spaceship Earth attraction, here you can find a bright pattern of pink and blue adorning this popular photo-spot. 

Bonus: There are two versions of this wall on either side of the Spaceship Earth attraction. Be sure to check them both out as the optimal lighting for each depends on the time of day you visit! 

5. #BlueberryWall

Feeling blue? A visit to the Blueberry Wall is sure to cheer you up! The dark and light blues on this wall provide a stunning backdrop right outside of the Spaceship Earth Attraction. 

Bonus: This wall is located right in front of the Bubblegum Wall, so you get two walls for the price of one!

6. #MoroccoFountains 

Experience the wonder of Arabian nights right here in Central Florida at the Morocco Fountains. To find these stunning mosaic fountains, hop on your magic carpet over to the Morocco Pavilion. Hidden in the back of the marketplace is where you’ll find this diamond in the rough. 

Bonus: The entire Morocco marketplace is teeming with artistic archways and colorful mosaics. You’ll definite want you camera ready throughout this pavilion!

Hollywood Studios

7. #PixarPlaceWall

You’re probably wondering how a brick wall could be exciting. At Disney, however, we always find a way! Located in the Pixar Place section of Hollywood Studios, the Pixar Place Wall even provides a ledge you can sit on for your photo. 

Bonus: For a limited time, the Incredibles have taken over this location! You might even find Jack-Jack’s cookies scattered around, along with comic-book style walls!

8. #PopsicleStickWall 

With the addition of Toy Story Land last year, Disney fans received a brand new wall to oggle at: The Popsicle Stick Wall! You’ll feel transformed to the size of a toy while posing here. You can find the Popsicle Stick Wall in the exit queue for Toy Story Mania. 

Bonus: This wall is conveniently placed near the Toy Story Land restroom, which also features its own wall, the Block Wall!

9. #PizzerizzoWall

While Pizzerizzo is well-known for its delicious pizza, fans also frequent this location for the Pizzerizzo Wall. Before you dig in, head down towards the end of the street past the entrance and snap a pic!

Bonus: Sometimes Cast Members at Pizzerizzo and the Muppets Vision 3D attraction have a Muppets plush toy you can take your photo with, so keep your eyes peeled.

Animal Kingdom

10. #WallsofHarambe 

Full of texture and life, the Walls of Harambe are more or less a collection of walls than one wall in particular. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom’s Africa, you will find bicycles turned into art and touching quotes lining these decorative walls.

Bonus: One of these walls includes a not-so-hidden Mickey - can you find it?!

11. #YouAreMostBeautifulWall

The most inspiring of all the walls of Disney, this wall tells us exactly what we need to hear: “You are most beautiful!”  You can find this wall by heading deep into the Harambe Market place in Animal Kingdom’s Africa on the left. 

Bonus: You won’t go hungry while exploring the Harambe Market surrounding this wall. Make sure to check out the various vendors for some authentic African cuisine.

12. #PandoraMossWall 

Kaltxi! We’ve made it to the moon of Pandora and its beloved moss wall. Featuring, you guessed it – moss, you can find this wall to the right of the Flight of Passage attraction queue.

Bonus: Need a bite to eat? The Satu’li Canteen restaurant is right in front of this other worldly-wall, serving up delicious and nutritious dishes. 

We hope you enjoyed this grand-circle tour of the Great Walls of Disney. If you haven’t yet, make sure you visit them on your next trip to the parks!

Payton Lynch | Writing Contributor

Melissa East