Why Shine?


This week is Shine Week. This is a time where we serve not just one, but three local schools in our area. We ask these schools what their greatest needs are, and we show up to serve. It is a fairly simple concept, however we cannot shine without YOU. Being a follower of Christ, we are told in the Bible to follow the example of Jesus. We see Jesus serving many times in the Word, and usually it was in a place of humility.

After Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, He said in John 13:15, “For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”

Jesus humbled Himself, becoming a servant, to SHINE the heart of Father God, to all those that He came in contact with. If Jesus said, do just as I have done... then we too, should serve and SHINE the heart of the Father.

Whether it is serving breakfast at local schools, stuffing registration packets, passing out schedules to students, helping teachers get their classrooms ready, or collecting school supplies for those in need… We can shine for His glory, impacting our community for Christ by being His hands, and feet.

When we SHINE, humbling ourselves by serving and loving our community - people see Christ in us.

Shine Week is just a small way we can bring Jesus to our schools, and our community…but we will leave a BIG impact!

Join us as we serve during Shine Week, and help us make a difference in our community!

Melissa East