Emergency Hurricane Relief

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The devastation that Hurricane Dorian has brought to the Bahamas, and now the Carolinas is absolutely heartbreaking. In situations like these, we often feel helpless and unsure of how we can help. Samaritan's Purse has been tirelessly working to help bring emergency relief to the areas affected by Dorian. Let us help by giving to this Christ-centered organization that is truly making a difference in the lives of those hurting.

Samaritan’s Purse is on the ground in the Bahamas right now and is also sending teams to the storm-affected areas of the Carolinas.

"In the Bahamas, our team is seeing catastrophic destruction and widespread suffering. At the request of the Bahamas government and the World Health Organization, we have deployed our Emergency Field Hospital to provide lifesaving care to victims. The 40-bed mobile facility is equipped with an intensive care unit, an operating room, an emergency room, an obstetrics ward, and a full pharmacy. Up to 100 patients per day can be served. We also have sent key medical personnel, including doctors and nurses."


Emergency shelter materials, household water filters, and two community filtration units that turn saltwater into drinking water have been sent, and more aid is heading their way because of the generosity of people like you, like us.


illuminate church, will you join us in helping all those affected by Hurricane Dorian?

Melissa East