Does God have a logo?

god's logo.jpg

Ok, close your eyes. Wait, that won’t work.

I am going to write the names of two companies, and I want you to picture their logo. Ready?

Baskin Robbins.


Can you see them? I’d put the logos in this blog if I wasn’t worried someone would sue us for trademark infringement. Both of these logos, and so many more, have hidden within them other images that reinforce the meaning of the company. Baskin Robbins has the number 31 hidden in the logo referring to their days as 31 Flavors (I think I’ve tasted them all. I love the tasting spoons!) FedEx has an arrow between the “E” and “X” that stands for speed and precision.

Now here’s one last logo to ponder that also has many meanings:

illuminate CHURCH

Can you picture that one? Ok, let me help you. Here it is:


As with any great logo, this is not merely an artsy display of illuminate’s initials. There is purpose here. The illuminate CHURCH logo represents us as a body of believers.

Here’s how:

The first most obvious thing is our initials in the bottom left corner. Of course this represents our name, illuminate CHURCH. But did you also know i.c. is a phrase? “I once was blind, but now i.c.” Clever…very clever!

The curved line to the upper right of i.c. along with the four diagonal lines forms the silhouette of the sun. We are indeed to illuminate the darkness with the love and redemption of Jesus Christ. Someone who has found life in Jesus will indeed shine!

Those diagonal lines are not just sunbeams. Those four lines represent illuminate church’s Four Core Scriptural Values: Meeting God, Discovering Freedom, Growing Spiritually and Making a Difference. To read more about these values head here:

Finally, the box surrounding the entire logo refers to the World. For God so loved the World, that He gave His son, Jesus. The message of the Gospel brings hope to a hurting world. Let me say that again, the local church proclaiming the good news of Jesus is the hope of the world!!!

Our logo represents our heart, our purpose, and our mission.

So does God’s logo. Have you seen God’s logo? It’s not the cross. It’s not a picture painted of Jesus.

Take a look in the mirror. YOU are God’s logo.

You are God’s representation on the earth. You display God’s heart, God’s purpose and God’s mission.

II Corinthians 5:20 (NIV) says, “We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us.”

Shine on dear ones! The King of Kings chose YOU to be God’s representative.

Life in Jesus,

Pastor Tim Ingram | Lead Pastor



Melissa East | Communications Associate

Melissa East