Downhill From Here (Land Update)

It’s all downhill from here… and that’s a good thing.

(An update on land and building plans for illuminate church.)

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin…” - Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

Getting started is usually the hardest part. Making the decision. Taking the first step. Getting the thing going! After the initial intense effort it takes to commence, momentum builds, energy and enthusiasm grow and you can hear the song being sung, “Nothing’s gonna stop us now!”

I’m singing that song. It’s hard to believe, but just over one year ago, illuminate church set out on a journey that could only be completed by a miracle. That miracle is unfolding in front of us. Let me explain:

In April of 2018, the people of illuminate church banded together in a campaign called, “The Promise of Home.” The emphasis of TPOH was to put a stake in the ground in this region and build a home for the Lord and future generations. To accomplish this task would require the purchase of 20 acres of land costing $4 Million. That’s A LOT of money. You could invite a lot of friends to Disney World with that kind of money…well, maybe not a lot, but I digress. 

And so in April of 2018, we all began giving towards this dream. The results are straight up glorious. In just over a year, through the grace of God and the faith of His people, that debt has been lowered to a number hovering just over $2 Million. Projections have the number heading south of $2 Million by the end of June 2019. You read all of that right. In just over a year, this faith-filled and faithful church has cut our financial responsibilities in half.

And it’s all downhill from here…

If the Lord rejoices when our humble work begins, I can only imagine the joy as the work nears completion.  

Very soon, in a Sunday service at illuminate church, I will announce that we have officially paid off half the land. What a celebration that will be! And I have an inkling (what does that word mean anyway?) sooner than what is humanly possible I will announce, “It’s time to build!” The Elders are meeting over the summer with a design/architect firm to begin dreaming up the masterplan for the entire piece of property the Lord has given us. I’ll be sharing with everyone those plans at our 7th Annibirthary on October 6th, 2019  

So rejoice with me! I say again rejoice! The work has begun… and is nearing the finish!

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Life in Jesus,

Pastor Tim Ingram

Timothy Ingram