Volunteer of the Week: Amy

This past Sunday we surprised Amy while she was serving at the Women’s Summer Retreat. Amy has served for many years in women’s ministry as the Event Coordinator, so this was the perfect place to honor, and celebrate her. Amy spends countless hours planning events, retreats, and most importantly, caring for the women of illuminate. We truly cannot thank her enough for how she faithfully serves, and is always a shining light for Jesus. We love and appreciate you, Amy!


Tell us a little bit about you, your family, and how long you have been attending illuminate?

Gino, my patient husband (of 19 years and counting!!!) and I, along with our three girls, Maddy, Carli and Lily Alice have been attending ic for SIX YEARS!!! I had no idea it has been that long! I’m originally from Wisconsin and as a nanny, went on vacation with the family to Walt Disney World. While here, I auditioned for a position at Walt Disney World and the rest is history! These days, I’ve traded in my paycheck from “the Mouse” to an “un-paid internship” with God! (Hoping someone gets the Phineas and Ferb reference!) Loving EVERY minute of it!

Where do you serve at illuminate?

Women’s Ministry - specifically Events Coordinator, Kids Check-in and just anywhere that I’m needed!

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in serving?

What are you waiting for?!!! Seriously it is a life-altering thing that has brought me blessing upon blessing. Every time I serve, EVERY TIME, I am blessed by a conversation with a friend (old or NEW!), prayed over, encouraged, smiled at, loved on, stretched and given the opportunity to grow. My question to someone interested in taking that next step is, close your eyes and imagine what “jobs”, tasks, roles make your “heart sing”? What about that do you enjoy most? Then, with those answers, lets’s find the best place to use those gifts and talents for the Lord! Everyone should serve; even if it’s once every three months. It will be the BEST “YES” you’ve given this year! (Just know if you approach me, I’m plugging you in somewhere!)

Why illuminate church? 

It’s home. So many people throughout the years we’ve been attending have said the same thing. When they came to illuminate church for the first time, they walked out saying, “I’m HOME”! We felt the same way. I love how it’s always changing, always evolving. And the people are so warm and genuine. When someone asks how I’m doing, they don’t want to hear that “I’m fine”. They REALLY want to know how my day is going, and how can they pray for me. They always ask what’s the next event for the Women of illuminate church, and how they can help! Sounds like a family to me! Love you all so much ic!!! Little letters - BIG HEART!

Melissa East