Support Our Youth By Wearing Y-TH

Have you heard of TOMS?

In May of 2006, Blake Mycoskie started a company (TOMS) that allowed you to purchase a pair of shoes and in return, a pair was given to a child in need. What I love about this organizational model is that it was more than shoes, but was a win-win result for the company, customers, and children.

With that said, you may not know this, but Illuminate Youth just opened an online store for youth apparel and we are adding to it every month!! Cool right?! We are taking this concept from TOMS and want our own win-win results. Not only for our youth, but for you as well!

Here's our plan...

1) For every piece of apparel that is purchased, there will be a profit. Every dollar that is earned from a sale will go towards helping fund students for camps and retreats. WIN #1!

2) We want to expand our brand and become walking billboards for Illuminate Youth. This apparel is for EVERYONE (not only youth). The vision of our store is that everyone can be a part of the win (kids, students and even adults)! Anyone and everyone can have one or 10. WIN #2!

We all win, but especially these students because these camps and retreats are life-altering. One simple purchase can make the difference, so don’t be shy and check out our store through the link below.

This is a win-win all around!!!

Pastor George Dirling | Youth & Young Adult Pastor

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