About Us

We desperately want you to know how crazy God is about you! He goes to incredible lengths to introduce Himself to you, and He wants to give you abundant life!

In a world full of competing and comparing, with all kinds of voices telling us what women can and should be, we choose to listen to what God says about us. God makes it clear in the Word that women are chosen, designed with purpose, distinct, and capable. Women are called to lead and are integral to the message of hope in Jesus.

If your church experience to date has taught you otherwise, or you have not yet found a place to explore what God really thinks about you, then come join us! 

At illuminate Women, we welcome you just as you are! You will find real women that are living authentic lives in community. We desire to learn, grow, and be better together.

When do we meet and how do we serve?

illuminate women connect throughout the year:

  • Open the Book Bible Study groups

  • Retreats

  • Ladies’ Lunch

  • Young Adult Mentoring

  • Our Annual Women’s Christmas Coffee

  • Women in Leadership Development (WILD)

You can find illuminate women leading and serving in every area of the church. We equip and empower women to use their own stories and God given gifts/abilities to make a difference in their jobs, homes, communities, and at illuminate church. We live life on mission.


Life groups, the name itself speaks to the purpose- to do LIFE together with a consistent, smaller group of people. Shared meals, group study, serving on mission, and walking together through our day to day highs and lows!

Open the Book groups are just for women and are offered 2x a year. These groups are a safe place where every woman can learn more about the love letter that God has written to us in the Bible. Each Open the Book group meets weekly for 7-8 weeks and no previous experience with the Bible is required. Grab a journal and join a group now!

This Fall we are studying the book of Hebrews and groups are beginning the week of Sept 17. You can join an open group at any time during the session of 8 weeks.

Upcoming Events