Worship At a Glance

The power of Christ’s love on the cross rent the veil of separation between us and the Heavenly Father. Now, the Father stands with arms wide open, waiting for His sons and daughters to run in. With such free access to His love, what are we waiting for? So we run with reckless abandon into the life-giving embrace of the Father. 

Filled with the joy of the Spirit, the passion of the Son, and the love of the Father, embracing His fullness, we glorify His name in utter freedom.

It is our joy to dive in, immersed in the living waters of God’s presence every time we come together. As heaven touches earth, we engage with and unleash congregational worship to the King of kings. We believe genuine worship is life altering, wonder instilling, and indescribably revolutionary. In fact, every aspect of our Savior is revolutionary, so we worship Him in every song as if it was the most important song that we have ever sung. For it is the most important song we are singing to Him in that moment. 

  • Immersed in His presence.

  • Engaging God’s people into all out praise of the King of kings.

  • Revolutionary worship is worshiping God here as He is worshiped in heaven.


Once in the Fall, and once in the Spring we come together on a Sunday evening to worship the Lord. Each time we come together, His name is praise and God gives us a fresh outpouring of His Spirit. The Lord blesses these times with His power and presence. In the Fall, we meet as illuminate church. In the Spring, we come together with multiple churches in our community to embrace the Lord and each other, uniting in worship.

Are you Called to be a Platform Worship Leader?

A Platform Worship Leader is someone who plays an instrument and/or sings with the worship team on the platform.

At this time, we are specifically in need of bassists, lead electric guitarists, synth bassists, and drummers. But whether you sing or play, if you feel called to the worship ministry. Please click the button to find out more information about our audition process.

Are You Called To Be A Congregational Worship Leader?

As you gather with the church to worship the Lord, have you ever noticed how much the people next to us impact our worship experience? If they are free in their expression of worship, then we feel free in ours. If they are more reserved then we may feel less like we can express ourselves. And in the same way, we impact them toward freedom or reservation. Recognizing this fact, helps us to see that we are not only worshiping God, but we are impacting those around us by how we worship. Worshiping together isn’t merely about my worship of God. Worshiping together is about all of us uniting in one Spirit, to worship God in freedom. When all of us unite in freedom, our worship glorifies Him, we sour on wings like eagles, and heaven touches earth.

Congregational Worship Leaders lead the church from the congregation. In other words, they worship authentically as a part of the congregation, and in so doing, they impact those around them to freedom. Congregational Worship Leaders may or may not have musical abilities (they are not needed in this ministry), but they worship with all their heart. Congregational Worship Leaders are the revolution starters within our worship services for they make as big if not a bigger impact than those who lead from the platform.

Serve Opportunities

  • FILO Set Up/Break Down Team (Always need those who will help us set up and break down worship equipment each week)

  • Platform Worship Leaders

    • Vocalists (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baratone, and Bass)

    • Instrumentalists (lead guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboard, synth bass, drums)

  • Congregational Worship Leaders (NEW) (Worshipers)

  • Audio/Visual Team (Camera Operators, Lighting Operators, CG)


If you are interested in joining our Worship Team, Find out more about our Audition process:


Learn more about our songwriting program and signup to get involved!



Drew East | Worship Pastor