We are truly excited that you’re interested in auditioning. Whether you make the team or not, we want you to know that you are genuinely beautiful and unique by God’s design. There is no one like you in all the world. God has given you talents, skills, a unique mind, and spiritual gifts that all add up to you being the only one who can do what God has called you to do in this world. Remember that!

But, from the beginning of this audition process, we need you to understand that what God is calling you to do, may not be to serve with our platform worship team. First, even if you are a great singer or instrumentalist, you may not be called to illuminate’s worship ministry. Or, it could be that you make the team. Or, it could be that you audition, and you don’t make the team due to our musical proficiency requirements. Whatever the case, you are every bit as important and useful for the Kingdom as anyone on the platform (speakers, dancers, musicians… etc.). Your calling may just be different. And that’s an incredible thing. For what would the hand do if it were not connected to a properly functioning arm, and the arm to the elbow, and the elbow to the upper arm and shoulder. In short, you are incredibly valuable in the Kingdom whether you are a part of our worship team or not.

Okay, so our audition process is 5 steps long. We make the process somewhat lengthy because the only people who usually persevere, are those who are genuinely called. Also, this gives you and our team time to pray through you joining us. Our worship team is more like a family than a band of musicians. So, we are careful who is added.

5 Steps To Join The Worship Team

  1. Use the form below to send a video of you singing/playing. If you are exceptional in your singing/playing, and we believe you are a good fit for our worship team, then we will send you a link to continue on to step 2.

  2. Review of our worship team covenant, fill out questionnaire, and learn the parts (instrumental or vocal) that we play for two songs (Unstoppable God & Spirit of the Living God). We will ask you to send a separate video of you singing the parts to this song. Authentically answering the questionnaire and singing/playing well in the second audition video will give you access to the last few steps.

  3. Almost to the finish line… the hard part is over. In this step you will meet with Pastor Drew and get to know more about the worship ministry.

  4. Come to two Thursday night practices and see how you feel about joining the team. This gives you a chance to meet the team, and see how we run our weekly Thursday evening practices.

  5. Welcome to the Team, we will add you to the following month’s worship team rotation.


illuminate Worship Contact

Pastor Drew East