Youth Leadership Application

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Behavior Policy: Any abuse (whether sexual, physical, emotional or neglect) will not be tolerated. Abusive conduct or allegation will lead to immediate removal from leadership and responsibilities. To assist and protect your integrity and leadership responsibilities, we ask that you... - Do not put yourself in a compromising situation. - Do not rely on your good reputation or put yourself in a position where it’s your word against another individual’s. - Be aware of what you say. - Watch what you do, being cautious of and avoiding “bad” touch. - Be aware of fantasy relationships. *Do you agree with our youth protection policy?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense (felony or misdemeanor, except for minor traffic violations)? You will need to answer “yes” if you have entered into a plea agreement, including a deferred sentence or deferred judgment arrangement, in connection with a criminal charge.
If you have been convicted of such an offense, please explain and include the nature of offense, date, court where conviction occurred, and any other relevant information.
Have you ever been reported to a social services agency, law enforcement authority, child abuse registry, or similar organization regarding abuse or misconduct involving children?
If yes, please provide a description of the circumstances, and name and address of the entity receiving the report.
Have you ever been disciplined or dismissed from employment or a volunteer position by any employer, including charitable and religious organizations, following an allegation of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or other immoral or inappropriate behavior or conduct or have you ever been the subject of a civil lawsuit involving, or an investigation or allegation of, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or other immoral behavior or conduct, involving adults or children?
If yes, please describe the circumstances and provide the name and address of the employer.